What to Expect


Approval Process

Candidacy will be evaluated and determined through a three step process:

1. After Form Submission: You will be contacted by a Hand Day representative by May 24th to confirm that you meet the qualifications and schedule your initial evaluation

2. During your initial evaluation, the physician will examine your injury/condition and make final determination for surgery qualification

3. If approved for surgery, you will receive a call from:

          a. The Orthopaedic and Spine Center of Southern Colorado (OSCSC) who will call the day before surgery to provide you with your time of surgery 

           b. Your evaluating physician’s scheduler to schedule your Post Operative Evaluation

Initial Evaluation

Your physician’s scheduler will send you your new patient paperwork upon scheduling your initial evaluation.


During your initial evaluation appointment, your physician will exam your injury/condition and determine if your case is one to qualify for Free Hand Surgery Day

If approved for surgery, your physician will discuss with you the intricacies of your procedure, day of procedure details, and what to expect after surgery.

If at any point throughout this process questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact us

Prepare for Surgery

On Friday, May 31st, you will receive a call from The Orthopedic and Spine Center of Southern Colorado (OSCSC – where surgery will be performed) to confirm your surgery and arrival time

Please click the button below for additional details of how to prepare for surgery

**Please note**

While we are honored to serve you and provide an initial evaluation, surgery, and 90 days of post-operative treatment free of charge, in the event any complications arise where we need to take you back into surgery, additional service and facility fees may fall to patient responsibility.

Please thoroughly read the our Consent to Surgery linked below to fully understand what is free of charge within this opportunity and what may fall to patient responsibility.

Day of Surgery

The Orthopaedic and Spine Center of Southern Colorado: 4110 Briargate Parkway, Suite 200

(OSCSC is located within the same building as Colorado Springs Orthopaedic Group)

Please arrive for surgery at the time designated by the OSCSC representative the day prior to surgery. For most patients this will be 90 minutes prior to surgery start time.

Upon arrival:

Take any of the three main first floor lobby elevators up to the 2nd floor.

When you arrive at OSCSC, you will greeted by one of our receptionist who will work with you to complete your check-in and inform our teams you have arrived.

After initial check-in, patients will be taken back to be prepared for surgery.

Patient Guests

Guests are welcome to reside within our lobby where you may help yourself to complementary coffee and reading material. We also have several restaurants and coffee shops within the area for those interested.

Patient emergency contacts, please ensure your phone is readily accessible in the event we need to reach you. 

After Surgery

Post-Operative Appointment

Prior to the day of surgery, you will have been scheduled for your two week Post-Operative Appointment. At this appointment, your surgeon will evaluate your incision(s), assess range of motion and functionality, and discuss any questions you have.

Post-Operative Therapy

After Surgery (if appropriate for the surgery you had completed) you will be provided with therapy exercises to perform within the days following surgery.

A Word of Insight:
Although surgery is done, the work to regaining full strength and mobility has just begun. Many final outcomes of a surgical procedure are determined by how well therapy was performed by the patient and the diligence they had with their post surgery protocols.